Sea Kayaking, Mangrove Canoeing & Snorkeling

S1 Course: Funauki Bay, Mokutannohama & Mizuochi Fall

Depending on the weather and subsequent conditions, the cause of S1 plan may be changed to avoid possible danger.

This tour is recommend to ocean kayak beginners. You will go across Funauki Bay, located at the west side of Iriomote Island, to head for Mokutan-no-hama, a secluded beach. The next destination will be Mizuochi Fall where you will enjoy refreshing waterfall play without getting out of kayak.

Fully enjoy the calm ocean of Iriomote Island while experiencing a sea kayak touring. This course is perfect for sea kayaking beginners. Unlike a river kayak, a sea kayak has a rudder. Before you start, your guide will carefully teach you how to paddle and control a kayak.

Start from Shirahama Port. paddle slowly on the smooth water. In the bay area, you will see coral reefs, tropical fish or even marine turtles under the clear water. Land on some beaches to rest and relax. At Matonariyazaki Point, enjoy the spectacular view of Funauki Bay and Funauki Village, a secluded place only accessible by ocean transport.

Next, you land on Mokutanno-hama which is a long deserted beach where you can walk on white sand and find beautiful seashells and dead corals. For lunch, your guide will prepare Yaeyama Noodle at the site.

After lunch, you will start kayaking again this time toward Mizuochi Fall which is located in the deepest area of a tributary of Kuira River. From April to September, common terns (a kind of sea bird) build their nests in the area.

As soon as you get to Kuira River, the scenery around you will drastically change - from the world of ocean blue water to the world of deep green of mangrove forests.

At Mizuochi Fall, you can play with the water without getting out of the kayak. During summer, swimming in the plunge pool is also fun.

On your return journey, you will kayak again on the mangrove-fringed river heading toward the ocean. On the way, you will visit a sea cave where you can land on the ground made of dead coral. After replenishing yourself with the cool air inside the cave, kayak slowly to back Shirahama Port where you started your tour.

S2 Course: Funauki Bay, Shirasunohama & Sotopnari Island

Due to the limited availability of guide for this course, S2 plan is subject to the operator's confirmation in advance. Please contact us via contact form on this website.

Kayak around the snorkeling points of Funauki Bay to enjoy beautiful tropical fish swimming over reefs. Both Sotopanari Island and Uchipanari Island are uninhibited and surrounded with rich coral reefs. In shallow water, you can start snorkeling directly from a kayak. If you wish to fully experience the beautiful ocean of Iriomote Island, we highly recommend this tour.

Before you start, you will receive a lecture on the weather, the natural environment of the area, the tour schedule as well as the sea kayak paddling. First, you will kayak to Shirasuno-hama Beach which is a tidal flat appears between Uchipanari Islanad and Sotopanari Island. You will be paddling your kayak on comparatively shallow water to the beach. Enjoy the colorful coral reefs and tropical fish under the clear ocean water while kayaking.

At Shirasuno-hama Beach, your guide will give you another lecture, this time about snorkeling. Get on a kayak and paddle to the first point where you should get used to snorkeling in shallow water.

After snorkeling at the first point for a while, kayak for Sotopanari Island where your guide will prepare a hot Yaeyama Noodle lunch.

Next, you will canoe to the second point to snorkel in deeper water. When you reach the point, put on your snorkeling equipment and dive into the emerald-green water. Fully enjoy the ocean with rich coral communities and various kinds of tropical fish swimming around. If you are lucky, you may be able to encounter a marine turtle.