Pinaisara Fall & Star-sand Beach

P1 Course: Pinaisara Fall & Star-sand Beach

Visit the two most popular tourist spots on Iriomote Island, Pinaisara Fall and Star-sand Beach, while enjoying canoeing on the mangrove-fringed rivers and trekking in a jungle. Snorkeling and beach combing are also included. This tour is suitable for children and adventure tour beginners.

One day tour to enjoy the two most popular spots on Iriomote Island, Pinaisara Fall and Star-sand Beach. Suitable for canoe beginners and children.

Start canoeing toward the mouth of Hinai River into the mangrove forests. When the tide is low, it is a good time to take a close look at the mangrove. As you proceed onto Hinai River, the current becomes slower and smooth. You will hear nothing but the sound of nature.

When reached the upstream area, get out of your canoe and start trekking to Pinaisara Fall. In a jungle, you may encounter various kind of tropical animals.

As you go out of the jungle, a beautiful fall will come into your sight. It is the famous Pinaisara Fall. From the plunge pool, you will see an overwhelming view of the fall. Refresh yourself in the water after the jungle trekking.

P2 Course: Pinaisara Fall

Enjoy Pinaisara Fall from the top all the way down to the plunge pool. Start with canoeing on a mangrove-fringed river and trekking in a jungle to the top of the fall at over 100-meter high above the sea level with a breathtaking panoramic view. After lunch, hike down to the plunge pool. (You can swim in the plunge pool in summer) Suitable for Iriomote beginners.

This long tour starts from Funaura Bay where you will see your destination, Pinaisara Fall, in the distance. When the tide is low, the bay becomes a wide mudflat. You may see humorous looking ocean dwellers, such as sand bubbler crabs and barred mudskippers.

As you kayak through the bay, you will get to the mouth of a mangrove-fringed river where you start river kayaking toward the upstream. Even when the tide is low, the water is deep enough for kayaking. Most rivers of Iriomote Island have slow current. When you reach the upstream area, your kayak journey will end.

Your next challenge will be jungle trekking to the top of Pinaisara Fall. In the jungle, you may encounter some unique creatures such as looking-glass mangrove, Ryukyu tree lizard and yellow margined box turtle.

A Magnificent Panoramic View at the Top of Pinaisara Fall

It takes about 40 minutes to the waterfall top. There will be some places that you may need to use ropes to climb up. Do not give up as a magnificent view will be waiting for you. The top is at approximately 100 meters above the sea level. Only the people who accomplish the climbing will have privileges to see the breathtaking scenery - a panoramic view of Iriomote Island. After enjoying the view, you will start trekking again in the jungle – this time down to the plunge pool of Pinaisara Fall.

Pinaisara Fall is about 55 meters high and is the highest waterfall in Okinawa Prefecture to which Iriomote Island belongs. The name means “looks like white beard.” In old times, it was a place for islanders to offer prayers for rain.
After refreshing yourself in the plunge pool, kayak back to Funaura Bay where you started your tour.