Nahra River & Shiira River

Nahra River & Shiira River, Geta Fall and Star-sand Beach

Depending on the weather and subsequent conditions, the couse of Nahra River Tributary and Mainstream plans (MJ1 and MJ2) may be changed to avoid possible danger.

MJ1 Course: Nahra River (Tributary)

The tributary of Nahra River is one of Iriomote’s hidden scenic beauties. Start kayaking from the wide river mouth to go upstream. Wildlife viewing in a mangrove forest, hiking in a jungle, trekking in a swamp, playing in a creek and more. The tour covers Iriomote’s great nature in full. Everyone can easily enjoy kayaking in this tour.

This tour takes you to a deeper part of a tributary of Nahra River, the third longest river on Iriomote Island. After you start kayaking from Shirahama, a quiet ocean village facing Funauki Bay, you will soon see the mouth of the river with mangrove forests. Multiple small rivers meet and unite to form Nahra River.

As you go further on a tributary, you will see tropical plants growing thick on both sides of the river. This is the beginning of a real “jungle cruise.” In shallow water, you can do river trekking to go deeper into the jungle.

There may be some deep swamps where you cannot stand. With a life jacket, you can let yourself float in the water and relax. You can also play with small waterfalls. It will be a lot of fun for everyone regardless of age.

After you get through the jungle, it will be the time for refreshment. Get your energy back by having sweet and juicy Iriomote pineapple prepared by your guide.

Trek again in the jungle and kayak back slowly on the river to the ocean where you started the tour. We assure your satisfaction with this tour that includes a variety of fun activities Iriomote Island offers.

MJ2 Course: Nahra River (Main stream)

Head to the mysterious Nahra Fall by canoeing and trekking. Canoe for about two hours through the green mangrove channels of Nahra River and start trekking into a deep jungle. At Nahra Fall, enjoy water play in the plunge pool. This tour offers the longest canoe trip among other tours.

This tour takes you from the mouth of Nahra River all the way to the beautiful Nahra Fall. If you like to enjoy kayaking to the full, this will be your choice.
Start kayaking from quiet Shirahama Port onto Nahra River. The water is so clear that you will be able to see coral reefs. Soon you will reach to the mouth of Nahra River which has a quiet stream and easy to kayak on even for beginners.

You will see the blue sky and green forest reflected on the smooth river water surface. As you go further, the river width becomes narrower and you will go through tropical plants growing thick both sides of the river. Experience the real thrill of the jungle kayaking !

Park your kayak and start trekking in a jungle toward the destination, Nahra Fall. The way to the fall is comparatively flat. Walk under the trees while listening to the sound of the stream. As you pass through the forest, Nahra Fall will appear between awesome large rocks. In summer, you can play in the plunge pool.

After you enjoy Nahra Fall, you will walk back on the same path in the jungle, then kayak back to the ocean where you started. This tour includes a variety of activities including ocean and river kayaking, jungle trekking, playing in a waterfall and more. Your satisfaction is guaranteed !

MJ3 Course: Shiira River, Geta Fall & Star-sand Beach

Known as one of the most picturesque spots, Shiira River is surrounded by the range of mountains including Mt. Komidake, the highest (469.5m) on Iriomote Island. You will canoe slowly on the river while having a good close up to the ecology of the mangroves. In a jungle, you will walk along the mountain stream heading for Geta Fall.

This tour includes almost all the fun and adventurous activities that Iriomote Island offers - canoeing on a mangrove-fringed river, jungle swamp trekking, snorkeling, swimming and more.

Start canoeing from Shiira River that has its headstream in Mt. Furumidake (469.5 meters), the highest mountain on Iriomote Island. You can take a close look at the ecology of the mangroves as you slowly canoe on the river heading toward a jungle. You may be impressed with the clearness of the river water in the jungle.

After putting away your canoe, enjoy Yaeyama Noodle lunch cooked by your guide.

Your next challenge will be swamp trekking in the jungle toward Geta Fall. Walking under gigantic ferns and other unique tropical plants like Common Putat (Barringtonia racemosa) , you may feel as if you were in a different world.

As you pass through the jungle, Geta Fall will come into your sight. Compared to other scenic spots of Iriomote Island, Geta Fall has less visitors. The fall has a small plunge pool where you can refresh yourself in the water after the jungle trekking.

Your last event will be visiting the famous Star-sand Beach. Besides strolling on the beautiful beach, you can enjoy snorkeling to see colorful tropical fish and other marine lives.
In this tour, you can appreciate all the nature of Iriomote Island – rivers, mangroves, jungles, mountains and ocean in one day !