Guidelines for EcoTour Participants

Guidelines for EcoTour Participants

This guidelines contains Important Information for EcoTour participants. Be sure to read the entire information carefully.

How to Book Your EcoTour

Go to Request for Booking page.
Click the date on the calendar below. You can make your booking up to 60 days ahead.
Select a tour course you would like to join.
Now, you’ll see Request for Booking form Fill in all of the fields and click the Send button.
You’ll shortly receive a mail that explains additional process to complete your booking. Follow the instructions in the mail to make your deposit.
Upon receipt of your deposit, we’ll send you another mail to confirm that your booking is completed.


LB Kayak Station, the tour operator, reserves the right to cancel the tour. In case that the tour is cancelled due to weather condition and/or for any other reasons NOT attributable to the tour operator, the operator will refund the deposit to you in full amount. LB Kayak Station shall not be liable to you in respect of any special, indirect or consequential loss or damage arising out of the said cancellation of your tour.

Accommodation in Iriomote

Here is a short list of English-speaking inns within our regular pickup area.

Hotel Name Phone Fax Mail URL
Pension Hoshino-suna

Confirmation Mail

Be sure to send us a mail to confirm your arrival after check-in the hotel/inn. In return mail, we will give you weather and other useful information.

Pick Up Spot

If you are staying on Iriomote Island:
We will pick you up at the place you are staying between 08:30 and 09:00. The pickup time may change due to weather and tidal conditions of the tour day. Our free pickup service only applies to those who stay at Shirahama and Takana area.

If you stay at Ohara Port area, we can still pick you up, however, with charge. We recommend that you take a local bus or rent a car since our pickup charge is as much as the cost of bus or rental car. When you make the confirmation phone call on the day before the tour day, be sure to let us know which transportation you wish to take.

If you are staying on Ishigaki Island:
We will pick you up at Uehara Port of Iriomote Island. On your tour day, take the 08:30 boat from Ishigaki Island to Uehara Port.

Preparing for the EcoTour

What to wear
We recommend wearing a bathing suit as underwear and put on a long sleeve shirt and a pair of pants. Be ready to move around and get wet. Your footwear should be marine boots or sneakers. You will not change your footwear during the tour.

  • Gloves are useful when you kayak or trek in the mountain.
  • Hats can protect you from strong sunbeams as well as rains.
  • Be sure to bring a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun.
    (from April to October, in particular)
  • Bring a rain suit (top and bottom) to protect yourself from rain and wind.

About Your Luggage
If you have additional items other than what you need during the tour, we can keep them in our car. You need to carry all your valuables with you. It is your responsibility to protect them.

About Toilet
There will not be any toilet facilities in the tour field. Be sure to go to the toilet before the tour starts. Bring a plastic bag and toilet paper in case you need to go to the toilet during the tour. You must bring back all the used items with you. If you need extra plastic bags and toilet paper, ask your tour guide.