Basic Concept of EcoTour

Basic Concept of EcoTour

Depending on the weather and subsequent conditions, the couse of Nara River Tributary and Mainstream plans (MJ1 and MJ2) may be changed to avoid possible danger.

  • Eco-tourism cannot stand without the sustainability of the natural resource.
  • The natural resource cannot be protected without participation of regional community.
  • Regional community’s participation cannot be obtained without economical effect.

Lively Social Life through Community-based Eco-tours

We, at L.B. Kayak Station, believe that it is possible to obtain the understanding and cooperation from the local community by continually taking advantage of the natural resource of Iriomote Island without damaging it, and also by making regional contributions through aggressively participating in the community’s events.

The regional community of Iriomote Island has a long history of surviving by helping one another and protecting the nature together. Residents have appreciated the benefits of the great nature, and have nurtured the compassion for others by sharing both joys and hardships.

We believe that the Iriomote nature tour would give the participants a chance to learn environmental and social issues. Our aim is to create a balanced environment in which humans and nature can co-exist. To achieve the aim, we wish to be a bridge between tourists and the island by utilizing our experience, knowledge and the trust we earned through our tour business.

Importance of Nature Experience

In this modern society, we live our lives with various types of stresses. Nature experience tours give many people useful and valuable opportunities to reflect on themselves.

Iriomote Island for Children – Nature Experience to Nurture Vitality

We have often seen children, who participated in the nature tour, woke up to something of which that they had never been aware. We think this “new awareness” accelerates children’s mental growth. Independence, aggressiveness and cooperativeness are three attitudes that are essential for children to grow up to be adults with rich spirit. Adventure tours cannot be successfully completed without communication and cooperation among participants. During the tour, children will learn the importance of helping each other to achieve their goal. Also, it will be a great opportunity for them to know how enjoyable it is to play in the nature.
Participating in the tour with children will give parents a chance to think about their children’s mental and physical growth into the future.

Iriomote Island is for All – Deepen Your Bond with Nature

Iriomote island is not only for nature lovers. The island’s overwhelming nature is undoubtedly impressive to everyone including the people who are not much into outdoor activities. It will be an asset of your life to experience kayaking on the coral reef ocean to the mangrove-fringed rivers and to the deep jungles where you will hear nothing but the sound of the nature. Located at about 2000 km away from Tokyo, Iriomote Island is a place where you can witness the unharmed nature that makes you confirm the importance of preserving it. The Iriomote nature tour is a great way for you to regain freshness and deepen your bond with nature.