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Iriomote - A Jewel In The Ocean

Iriomote Island (Iriomote-jima) is a small island located on the south-western
edge of Japan, about 2,100km down south from Tokyo.
Known as “Galapagos of the Orient,” Iriomote offers incredible diversity of
endemic wildlife. Especially notable is Iriomote Wildcat, Felis Iriomotensis.
With Japan’s largest coral reef spreading along the north-eastern coast,
subtropical climate of the island retains a coastal fringe of mangroves with
inland primeval forest.

Wonderland Of Nature - Iriomote EcoTour Adventures

Explore the best hotspots of natural wonderland. In addition to diversity of
indigenous marine and land species, Iriomote EcoTour Adventures
offers a lot of exciting experience, waterfall bathing, subtropical jungle trekking,
sea kayaking and snorkeling and a lot more.
Enjoy a variety of one-day tour courses led by our friendly, knowledgeable
and professional guides.